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When A Guy Says He’s Busy

When a guy says he’s busy, what does it really mean? I date a pretty busy guy so I’m use to hearing that phrase, and thinking nothing else of it. But recently my friend has been out and about in the dating scene. The guy she went out with for a couple of times, one day, told her that he’s busy. So, she decided to ask a guy friend to define what it means when a guy tells a girl that he’s busy.

The answer she got back was a let down. Her guy friend told her that it meant he no longer wanted to see her and that it was basically a way of rejecting a girl nicely. When she was telling me this I was scratching my head…wait what?! Hold up…

First of all you listened to that guy friend?! The single one? The one that’s a little duh duh?

Now that’s definitely a guy you wouldn’t want to date. A guy that can’t even tell you the truth. If he’s saying he’s busy to get out of a date, that tells me he’s a wuss. Oh what? Because he wanted to spare your feelings? No way! I take a blunt person over a wuss any day.

Here was my answer to her:

Maybe instead of jumping to conclusions you should slow down and just go back to the basics. Take in that phrase “I’m busy” as just that, he is truly busy.

Then I told her why a busy guy is actually not a bad thing…

A guy that doesn’t answer your text right away…umm maybe because he’s in an important meeting at work. Oh yes, he have a job. He’s not sitting with his phone all day texting.

Instead of sitting there in fear of rejection…

Try to be encouraging. If his day was truly busy, it probably means that he’s trying to meet a deadline of some sort. Even a phrase like, “Hope your day was filled with success” can put a smile on someone’s face and make their day better. Especially when they know someone actually cared and is genuinely patient to their current situation.

If people just tried to understand one another instead of jumping to conclusions…there might just be more supportive and successful couples out there…

I don’t know…just some thoughts…what do you think?



10 Awesome Things About Long Distance Relationship

After a couple months of being away from my bf I find myself missing him and loving him even more each day. A lot of people say being away from one another is hard. I say, what’s so hard about it? Yes, I agree, I freaked out a little at first but then I realized…if you want something to work, it will. Yeah, you won’t be able to see that person everyday… but once you get over the fact that everyone is their own person, and that we were all made for a greater purpose, you begin to be more comfortable about being “by yourself.”

During this “alone time” I noticed some awesome things that I appreciate even more of, now that we are apart.

In no particular order:

1. The phone calls at night.
2. “I miss you” and “I love you” texts.
3. Hearing one another smile over the phone.
4. Being excited to hear about one another’s day.
5. Sharing funny stories.
6. Strengthening our communication skills.
7. Continuing to learn about one another when being apart.
8. Learning to be there without being there.
9. Finding new ways to show each other love.
10. Planning visits and dates!

Some of these things may seem like what couples already do on a regular basis, and that’s because they are. But you’ll never know how much more these very things mean to you when you’re apart.


Thoughtful Money Gift

I love giving money as a gift. Especially, when it’s requested by the receiver. Who doesn’t love money?! You buy whatever the heck you want!

What I don’t like is thoughtless money giving. You know, money in a card, money in an envelop, or just plain money. Giving money can be thoughtful and fun!

Here’s a fun idea:

Be a part of someone’s date, with out being a third wheel.

Put money in every envelop with every suggested date activity.

Ta da! Date night on you!


I did this for my friend’s bridal gift! I’m pretty sure she loved it!



Long Distance

It came out of nowhere! After 6 years of being together…you’re telling me we have to do long distance?!

But in the end, it all fitted together nicely and became bitter sweet. At first, the thought of separating from my love was far fetched and ludicrous. Who would be there to support him? But selfishly…how am I going to survive with out seeing him daily? Being the drama queen that I am, I was depressed. Deep down inside I knew that part of supporting this entrepreneur was to let go and let him fly. Then, I had to learn how to support him from a distance.

Phone calls and messages. Reminding and motivating. The first few times was really rough for me. I was throwing tantrums and being a big baby…wait…who is supporting who here?!

He never fails to amaze me. My entrepreneur took all I gave him and reassured me that we will be together again. He listened to my cries and didn’t get mad, but instead reminded me that he needed me to be strong. Through all our bumps and turns I always thought I was the supporter in this relationship, but it was he who inspires me to be strong and to do something. All this time, this man was supporting us.

Blessed to have him for sure.



Encouraging Yourself

How do you encourage yourself. You know when you’re always encouraging others and motivating others? Well, how do you do it for yourself. I have been coming home from work, tired and wanting to do nothing but rest. Yet, I always find time to help with everyone’s problem or telling someone everything will be okay.

For now, I go to my Pinterest and start pinning all these scriptures to keep me sane. It also helps to pray before I go into work. Staying positive and thinking about the good that will be coming soon also helps.

Anybody have suggestions of things that they do for themselves to spark motivation and encouragement?



Web Scraping

Web scraping is a tool used to grab information from a site for you with out having you going to a site and copy and pasting…

Hello web scraping thingy…where have you been the last week! Why am I just learning about you now? The last week or so I have been on various sites looking for potential customers. I needed these box subscription addicts. So, I looked around and got some information I needed to maybe reach out to potential customers and help them with a few problems they may have with box subscriptions.

Anyway, after I got my list I proudly presented to my bf, in which he replies with a new tutorial in hand. Yes, it’s the web scraping tutorial. Because he has a tutorial for everything…I just started to watch it a couple days ago. Apparently I have to download some stuff so it’s going to take a little longer to learn that I expected.

Just thought I put this information out there in case anyone was spending time copy and pasting stuff from the web…because you know…it’s so much fun…

The tutorial I am watching is teaching me how to do it from using “” in case you wanted to check it out. Good luck to you and good luck to me!



Subscription Boxes

I am back in Northern California for the weekend!

But after just one night I am missing my boys (man and cat) at home. Goes to show that it really doesn’t matter where you are, as long as the ones you love are next to you.

Just wanted to say that in my post as a record.

Anyways, I actually brought my laptop to do some research for my bf’s new site. Have you heard about box subscription companies? Do you subscribe to them? We are trying to service the many people that subscribe to these boxes and get items they don’t use. We want everyone to be happy (including the “box” companies), so we are trying to figure out a way for people to get what they really want, while still subscribing to the boxes they love. If you have any info regarding anything I just mentioned, please feel free to contact me! I want to help!



Moving Again!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since we lived in Santa Monica. It went by really quick and it was sad that we didn’t get to enjoy the Pier and 3rd Street Promenade as much as we would like.

It’s funny that this is part of my life right now, as anyone that know me, know I do not like change. Change stresses me out and it makes me a mess. Moving into LA from Sacramento was big for me. Even after a year I tell everyone that I just moved here a couple months ago. In denial, I guess.

Anyways, I have gotten use to moving around, but I guess I’m not as excited as my bf. But I tell myself, moving means change, and change means progress. You can’t stay in one spot for the rest of your life and expect to see results or progress. And so…just keep swimming, just keep swimming.



Your Purpose

After about 3 years into my relationship with my bf, I have always believed my purpose was to help him. I don’t know what I was suppose to help him with, but being next to him was all I wanted to do. To be honest,recently, days got longer and I started to lose myself. I would go to work, come home, and plop myself on either the bed or sofa. I wouldn’t want to do anything else. Not even my crafting…(GASP!) I guess my bf felt this slacking attitude too…so we had one of his talks.

He asked me what I wanted to do. The hardest question ever. I’m always in a quiet state when he ask me these type of questions. Then I told him, “I don’t know, I’m just following you”. Which, really didn’t help, because it meant that instead of helping him, I have really started to just lean on him. When did it get like this? I am not sure…but I guess we have to check ourselves more often then we think.

I hate his long questioning life seeking answers, but at the same time I love them. Again, I was able to take a step back and grow. In the end, he asked me to help him if I am not using my time for anything else. Which is funny because all this time I thought I was helping. Anyways, he had built this fully functioning site, that just sat there collecting dust, when it could be helping people connect to the things they love. I’m so interested in just being behind his brand, so I asked if I could help with that. His answer was surprisingly, “YES”. That very night, I found purpose again. Although, for now it’s a lot of research and entry work, but every entry is a step closer to the next goal.

Don’t forget your purpose, when you know what it is keep at it. When you’re getting sad…or find yourself not wanting to do anything…that’s because you are wondering off the road and away from your purpose. Here’s to a new journey!